How to Advertise Minecraft Server

Advertise Minecraft Server

Advertise Minecraft Server – Once you have set up your Minecraft server, the next step is to advertise it and get more popular. There are many factors involved, including offering a quality gaming experience for players, active staff members that answer questions from other users on the forum or chat room as well as advertising through submitting servers at voting sites like Top Servers list, which will help expand what people know about your networks among others things.

It’s important that not just one but all three advertisement methods work together to make an impact, so here I’ll discuss how each can be used independently and then combine them into something useful when putting out fires if necessary.

Top-Sites to Advertise Minecraft Server


Joining a vote top site is one of the best ways to advertise your Minecraft server without spending any money. To do this, go onto Google “Minecraft Servers,” and I have provided some popular ones here:

The best way to get your server noticed is through voting.

There are links available where players can vote for you, which you should place somewhere easily accessible on the website, like a sidebar or dedicated page, so that they can easily access it and find what kind of reward their favorite server has offered at any given moment in time.

With NuVotifier plugins such as this one being used by servers across Minecraft’s network today – rewards might include points spent toward prizes ranging from cash payments to items capable of boosting character levels exponentially faster than normally achievable via realistic gameplay alone.

There are many ways to incentive players and make their experience on your server more enjoyable. One idea I’ve heard from my previous servers is the use of points or tokens that you can only obtain through voting for them not just feel like they’re putting down some work but also gain something valuable back.

You could provide rewards such as ranks, perks, items – anything so long as it’s worth spending time obtaining.

Paid advertising: Paid advertising can be a great way to get your content in front of people who would benefit from your offer. This type of vote site lets users pay for premium spots on the homepage, usually starting at $10 and going up depending on how much one wants their ad space occupied during that period; there have been cases where bids reach over 100 dollars.

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Forum Free Advertising


New servers often find themselves needing help to get enough players. The best way to a new Minecraft server is through forums and threads.

You can post in your desired forum about all the features of what you offer, making it easier for those interested but who want or need something simple (like allowlists). Include instructions on how someone could join; this may include links from other posts like “how do I get onto your Whitelist?”

Screenshots also help people visualize where they’ll be going when joined–whether running around an Airport World-type setting with planes taking off behind them while passengers’ luggage zoom by overhead.

One of the best ways to make sure your forum thread stays at or near the top page is by requiring players who want to be allowed access to post their in-game names. This way, when someone wants on board with what you’re doing, they can easily find it using this criterion – just bumping our favorite threads each time somebody new joins.

TIP: It is important to follow the rules of any forum you post. Otherwise, your posts could be locked or deleted if they don’t fit with how other people feel about what should go up on a thread and where it needs to stay within that discussion at all times.

It’s also respectful to refrain from excessively bumping old threads (and please do so gingerly), as this will only drive traffic away from newer discussions started by others who have come before us – even though we may not see them initially when scrolling through our feed.

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You can also advertise your server on Reddit. Make a post here with similar information as your forum posting (i.e., how to join, features and screenshots). Be sure to follow the rules of this subreddit and those in their sidebar, which includes lots more detail about what they do.

The best way to ensure that your post is visible on the front page of Reddit you’ll need more than just one good submission. You can re-post every once in a while, and it will keep popping up in people’s feeds.

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The key to advertising is targeting your audience. The more specific you can get with who will see what, the better.

Facebook and YouTube are great platforms for reaching out directly – but services like Minebrowse offer Google Ads and social media packages so everyone gets caught up in whatever campaign might work best for them.

Facebook ads are an easy and effective way to reach your target audience. You can spend $1 daily on specific demographics or countries, meaning there’s no risk in advertising toward people who like Minecraft but aren’t playing the game.

Minecraft players love YouTube and many ways to advertise on the platform. You can place text or video ads that will be related specifically to people looking for Minecraft-related information, so it’s great if your target audience is current gamers.

Advertising on Minecraft-related websites is a great way to reach the millions of people who play this game. You can advertise your server or create an account and contact owners directly through these sites, which often have links at the bottom for contacting them if you want more information about hosting fees etc. Pricing depends largely upon how popular said website’s listened to; however, I recommend negotiating lower prices when dealing with smaller hosts because they may need to be AS accustomed. However, larger ones like YouTube might already know their going rate.

How to Get Popular


What makes your server different from all the others? If you can’t answer this question, people won’t want to join, and that space will remain unfilled.

Why should I bother playing on YOUR servers when there are plenty available in valve’s matchmaking system already? If you ever hope for success, you need something special or unique about yourself.


When you promote your server on social media, ensure that any rewards are large enough to entice potential players. This will help keep word-of-mouth recruitment going and can’t be underestimated.


If you want to attract new players, show off your Minecraft server. Create a website with screenshots and information on what makes it great.


The server is only as good and active staff make it. I played on so many incredible servers, but everyone started leaving once the admins stopped updating or adding events for their players.