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Getrefunds Reviews – There’s a new scam going around the internet that targets people who have just received large tax refunds in their bank accounts. Some Americans have reported receiving many refund notices from unfamiliar senders and IDs associated with the scam. These fraudsters use tricks to trick people into giving away their money and personal information and even commit identity theft. To stay safe, read the instructions below and learn more about this scam. Review is a website that helps people get refunds from scam sites and other collections. The website has been around since 1999 and currently operates from The website’s trust score is 40, which means it is unreliable.

Many people wonder how much money they can make by using Today, we will answer this question and explain how to use the website.

When you click on the link to the site, a message will appear on your screen claiming that your computer is infected with viruses and needs to be fixed. However, this is just a scam, so don’t worry.

Key Points From the Article

  • A new scam targets people who have received large tax refunds using the scam.
  • The website,, is unreliable and has a low trust score of 40.
  • The website claims to help people get refunds but is a scam that tricks people into giving away their money and personal information.
  • The website has negative signs, such as not promoting members and asking them to join affiliate programs that are also scams.
  • The website may have paid some members, but it does not mean it is trustworthy.
  • Many people have reviewed the site as dishonest and fraudulent.
  • If you want to avoid a scam, avoid and be careful when using any suspicious site.

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Get Refunds.Com Reddit

Initially skeptical, I came across a website, but after reading reviews and asking some friends about it, I realized it was legitimate. I wanted to share my experience with others to help them stay informed. Here’s what happened:

When I visited the site, they offered me a chance to become an affiliate for free, which excited me. I started promoting them on my website but noticed they weren’t promoting my site in return.

Eventually, I stopped promoting them. They later asked me to register as an admin, which I did because it was an easy way to make money.

However, they then asked me to create more accounts to help with promotion, which I did because I needed money urgently.

Get Refunds.Com Positive Signs

This website has a valid SSL Certificate and HTTPS to ensure your safety. It also has all the necessary policies in place to protect its customers.

Get Refunds.Com Negative Signs:

As I warned earlier, this website is a scam, so stay away. Here are the reasons why:

Do not use Getrefunds – it’s a scam!

They promise to promote their members but don’t promote them on their sites. This proves that they are not a legitimate company and only want to take your money without providing any real service.

Get Refunds – Is It A Scam Or Not?

They won’t give you money for the work you do. Instead, they will ask you to join some affiliate programs and promote them. But those programs are scams, so you need to be careful and avoid them.

Trust Pilot About Get Refunds.Com Reviews

The trust score of this website is only 40, which is very low, and people have different opinions about it. Some people have said they received their money back, while others claim they didn’t get paid.

Therefore, it’s hard to trust them because there is no solid proof that the website has paid users.

Additionally, the website’s domain name was registered long ago, on September 28th, 1999, which may make it seem trustworthy.

However, it loads a different site when accessed through this domain, which makes it even more difficult to trust.

Get Refunds Review – Payment Proof

This website tries to trick people into giving money by making false promises. Don’t be fooled by it. Even if they pay some members, it doesn’t mean the site is trustworthy.

They might be paying random people just to make it seem like they’re legit. It’s a waste of time and money, so stay away.

We found a forum on the internet with many comments about the website. Many people think it’s a scam and not a real company.

They even send emails to people claiming that they’re being scammed. Some people say they’ve received refund notices in the mail, but be careful because it might be a scam too.


Get Refunds com Scam is not a good way to earn money from home. If you want to make some extra cash or learn new skills to earn money, this is not the site for you. This site is a scam and won’t pay you for any work you do. Many people have reviewed this site and have called it dishonest and fraudulent. So, if you want to avoid a scam, stay away from this site. Click on the link to learn more, and be careful when using any site that seems suspicious.



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