What Happened with the Social Media Girls Forum (socialmediagirls.com)?

Two cheerful girls are posing for a picture to be shared on the Social Media Girls Forum.

There was this website called Socialmediagirls.com, but it’s unsuitable for kids our age. Social media girls forum was an adult website where people could share and view adult pictures and videos and even use webcam services. But remember, this kind of website is prohibited for minors and might be illegal in certain places.

Using such websites can pose risks to your computer and privacy. So, being cautious and using good judgment while using the internet is essential. It’s best to avoid accessing sites with inappropriate content to stay safe online.

What Happened to Social Media Girls Forum (socialmediagirls.com)?

Something is going on with Socialmediagirls.com. The website has some issues and might be down temporarily, but we need to figure out why.

In the past, they had problems too, but they were fixed later so that the website might come back eventually.

Recently, Depop caused some trouble for the website, possibly because of one of the forum threads.

Some Reddit users are also upset because they found their content on the forum, so they took action to have the site taken down. This doesn’t bode well for the future of the website.

Interestingly, even the website creators once wanted to remove its content, but somehow, the forum administrators managed to keep it up by limiting access to specific IP addresses.

Some people could still get in and post when the site was blocked, while others couldn’t. It’s a bit complicated!

Anyway, it’s crucial to remember that websites like this might not be safe or suitable for us, so it’s better to be cautious when using the internet.

Social Media Girls Forum Have A Very Low Trust Score. Why?

We looked into forums.socialmediagirls.com, and it’s looking suspicious possibly a scam. So, if you were thinking of using it, be extremely careful.

There’s a website called Scamadviser that checks different things about websites to see if they’re trustworthy. They consider who owns the website, whether contact details are hidden, where it’s hosted, what technology they use, and more. All this helps them create a trust score.

According to their system, the trust score for forums.socialmediagirls.com needs to be improved. But, you know, sometimes computers can make mistakes too. The website has vital signs of being a scam, but we can only say if it’s entirely safe.

In any case, avoiding this website and finding safer ones is better. Always be careful and protect yourself when you’re online!

Positive highlights

✔️ The SSL check shows that the certificate is valid, so the website is secure.

✔️ We noticed that there might be adult content on the website. It’s crucial to be aware of the risks of such sites.

✔️ This website has been around for some time and’s familiar.

✔️ DNSFilter confirms that it’s a safe, excellent website.

✔️ Flashstart, a tool that checks for malware and phishing, found no issues on this website.

✔️  Trend Micro, a trusted company, also considers this website safe.

However, even with these positive highlights, it’s still essential to be cautious and use the internet safely.

Negative highlights

❌ The website owner uses a paid service on WHOIS to hide their identity, making it difficult to know who is behind it.

❌ Few people visit this website, so it’s not very popular.

❌  Another website is “framing” this website, which means they are displaying its content within its site.

❌ The registrar for this website is known for having several spammers and scammers on it.

❌  On Scamadviser, some people voted and flagged this site as a possible fraud.

❌ We came across several negative reviews about this site, which raises concerns about its trustworthiness.

Considering all this, it’s better to be cautious and avoid using this website. Always prioritize your safety when you’re online!

Social Media Girls Forum Complete Review

Company Evaluation

The person who owns the website keeps their identity hidden. The problem is that spammers use it to promote services to other website owners. That’s why some website owners hide their contact details to protect themselves. But here’s the catch – scammers can misuse this hiding tactic too.

We have this algorithm that rates websites, and if the owner’s identity is shown, the website gets a high rating. So websites should be open about who’s running them to get a good rating. Just a friendly reminder to stay cautious and safe when you’re online!

Webshop Evaluation

In our analysis, we always check the Tranco ranking. This time, the order could have been higher, which means the website has few visitors.

It’s normal for new or specialized websites to have low rankings, but if a website claims to be huge or popular and still has an inferior order, that’s a warning sign.

Adult-oriented websites might have third-party trackers that can access your IP address, location, and even details about your device.

These websites are also at risk of data breaches and leaks, and some even use viruses and malware to share unauthorized content, which can get people into serious legal trouble. So, if you ever visit such websites, use VPNs and be extra careful.

We discovered that this website’s domain was registered several years ago. Usually, scammers have very new websites, but nowadays, some buy old sites to start their destructive activities.

That’s why it’s essential to be cautious and check for other signs of scams online. Stay safe, and watch out for each other.

Technical Evaluation

This website uses a unique technology, like an iframe, to include content and features from another website. It’s suspicious because most professional and big websites usually do something other than this.

We also like to check which other websites are registered by the same company that this website is using. And guess what? We found something interesting.

The registrar is connected to many websites with low to shallow review scores. It could be a coincidence, but it might also be because the domain registration bureau isn’t strict in its “Know your customer” processes. So, the trust score of this website has gone down a bit.

But don’t worry; there’s some good news too! We did find a valid SSL certificate on the website. This certificate helps to keep your communication with the website safe and secure.

There are different levels of SSL certification, and some online scammers might use a free one. Still, having an SSL certificate is better than not having one, especially if you need to enter your contact details on the website. So always stay safe and be careful when you’re online.


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Socialmediagirls.com is an adult website unsuitable for minors, posing risks to privacy and legality in certain places. Recent issues and a low trust score indicate possible scamming. Caution and good judgment are essential online. Avoid Social Media Girls Forum for safety.