Daejanae Jackson Arrested For The Death of Shanquella Robinson – Where Is She Now?

On The Left: Shanquella Robinson On The Right: Dejanae Jackson
On The Left: Shanquella Robinson On The Right: Dejanae Jackson

Daejanae Jackson Arrested For The Beating Death of Shanquella Robinson. They have caught the person who is supposed to have caused the death of an American in Mexico by beating them. Now, they are waiting to return that person to the country where the crime happened.

According to a source called Metropoli, the police have arrested Daejanae Jackson. Jackson was known as a friend of the person who was murdered, Shanquella Robinson. Robinson was seen in a video that became popular, where she was being beaten by someone she was with during a birthday trip.

The suspect was caught by agents from Interpol, which is an organization that helps detect criminals across different countries. On November 28, a judge in Mexico published an arrest warrant for Robinson, charging her with the crime of femicide.

In October, something bad happened when a group of friends was staying in a fancy villa at a place called Cabo Villas in San Jose del Cabo.

According to a news report from CBS News, Robinson, a 25-year-old woman from North Carolina, went on a trip with her friends to celebrate her birthday. Sadly, she was beaten by someone, and this horrible act was recorded on a mobile phone.

At first, Robinson’s family was told by the people she was traveling with that she had died because she drank too much alcohol on October 28.

When they investigated her body, they said it wasn’t because of the alcohol,” said Salamondra Robinson, Robinson’s mother, in an interview with Queen City News. “They said that she had a broken neck and her back was cracked. She had been beaten.”

The real beating was recorded in a video that became very popular. While the video was being recorded, nobody came ahead to stop the attack on Robinson.

A male voice can be heard asking her, “Can’t you fight back, at least?”

After the video was shared on social media, people started asking why none of Robinson’s friends tried to stop the fight.

Shanquella Robinson’s Death

During the weekend, Shanquella and her friends celebrated a birthday in Cabo.

Salamondra Robinson, Shanquella’s mom, said they were eating salad or tacos or something else, and then she said goodnight to her daughter.

When they got the report after examining her body, it said that alcohol wasn’t the reason behind her death. It is said that her spine and neck were broken.

Shanquella was beaten, and the next day she was killed. Shanquella’s best friend, Khalil, told Shanquella’s mom she had been poisoned.

Has Daejanae Jackson Been Arrested?

After their daughter died in Mexico, Charlotte’s family only wants answers. A video shows Daejanae Jackson standing in front of Shanquella and hitting her on the head many times, which causes her to fall down.

It has been said that Daejanae Jackson will be arrested for Shanquella Robinson’s death. But the details of the case have not been made public yet.

Is Daejanae Jackson Arrested?

Daejanae Jackson is now believed to be a suspect in Shanquella Robinson’s murder. Nobody knows what punishment Daejhanae may face because the case hasn’t been made public yet.

The investigators needed more information and evidence to confirm that she was the one who beat Shanquella.

Is Daejanae Jackson Going To Jail?

Shanquella’s family is very sad because Shanquella didn’t come back home after her trip to Mexico. Shanquella went to Cabo, Mexico, with her friends on October 28.

Her parents, Bernard and Salamandra Robinson got a call from her on Saturday evening, and she told them she wasn’t feeling well. Later, they found she had drunk too much alcohol, which made her very sick.

When they found out that 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson had died from alcohol poisoning, they believed that Malik Dyer, Wenter Donovan, Khalil Cooke, Alysse Hyatt, Nazeer Wiggins, and Daejanae Jackson were lying.

We don’t know if Daejanae Jackson will go to jail or not because there is no information available about her imprisonment.

Where Is Daejanae Jackson Now?

Shanquella Robinson and her friends went to Cabo to have a fun long weekend and celebrate a birthday.

Shanquella’s mom, Salamondra Robinson, said they were eating tacos or salad or something else, and she said good night to Shanquella, telling her they would talk the next day.

But when the autopsy report came, they found out that her death and death was not because of excessive consumption of alcohol.

It revealed that she had a broken neck and her spine was cracked. Someone had beaten her up.

After one day, Shanquella was killed, but her best friend Khalil Cooke told Shanquella’s mother that she had died from alcohol poisoning.

No one knows what actions the police have taken against Daejanae Jackson yet because that information has not been revealed.

Daejanae Jackson Charlotte Nc

A family from Charlotte is looking for answers after their daughter’s mysterious death in Mexico. According to her family, Shanquella’s friends told them she was drunk.

The police should have mentioned in their report that she was drunk and found unconscious in her living room.

There is a video showing Daejhanae Jackson standing in front of a naked Shanquella Robinson and, punching her in the head, then throwing her to the ground.

Daejanae Jackson should have been arrested for the death of 25-year-old Shanquella Robinson, but nobody knows the details of the case yet.

Some Questions

What happened to Daejanae Jackson?

Dejanae Jackson was beaten many times on her face and fell down. She was found unconscious in her living room and later passed away. Her parents are still asking for justice for her, but the evidence of her death hasn’t been revealed yet.

How old is Daejhanae Jackson?

Daejhanae Jackson, who is currently 26 years old, is suspected of causing the death of Shanquella. In the viral videos, Shanquella can be seen beaten up during her trip to Mexico in October 2022. This beating caused her death.

Who was fighting Shanquilla?

As people on the internet are interested in Shanquella Robinson’s mysterious death, some sources have revealed that Daejhanae Jackson and Wenter Donovan physically attacked the victim.

Who beat up Robinson?

According to witnesses, Daejhanae Jackson was recognised as the person who was seen attacking Shanquella Robinson in the viral video that came out after her death.

Who was the girl killed in Cabo with her friends?

Robinson was found dead in her hotel room on October 29 while on vacation with her friends in Cabo San Lucas. Once her family received the autopsy report, they started asking questions about her death.


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