Best Minecraft Underground Base Ideas for 2023


Minecraft Underground Base – What’s better than an underground base? A built-in cave network to store all your items, a home with plenty of space for wife/kids and pets. These bases can be difficult to survive since you’ll need to dig out rooms or hallways, but using some clever tricks like enchanted tools that make construction easier is possible.

There are also beacon buffs that help protect what matters on the surface from amination by evil monsters below – including friends who might want to take over without permission.

The possibilities of what you can do with a secret base are as vast and diverse: from building cabins to hiding away in the forest, there is no end.

A great idea would be creating an escape route or Redstone treasure chamber if one were ever needed.

There are many benefits to creating an underground base in Minecraft. The first and most notable is that you’ll never run out of space for all your stuff.

You can keep expanding, adding onto, or upgrading whatever it may be if there’s any room left over at the end – which beats filling up with dirt every day until eventually replacing everything inside because nothing exists anymore without being used as a surface block (I know some people love doing this). Another bonus? Ghasts won’t go near them; they are friendly towards visitors and kind enough not to attack anyone who comes by asking questions about where things were once located.

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Pros of Minecraft Underground Base

  • This base is largely hidden from other players and the world, giving it a cool yet secretive theme. The advantage of PvP multiplayer servers, where you can steal or grieve your opponents’ bases, makes this an excellent place for those who enjoy playing Martinson-style games with friends.
  • The amazing buildings we see every day are just the start of what’s possible in architecture. Take a look at some truly unique and creative designs that surprise you.
  • The mine is a fantastic place to explore minerals and other resources.

Cons of Minecraft Underground Base

  • No natural sunlight requires lights like torches or lamps to be installed. Monsters will always spawn in darkness, even during “daytime” hours.
  • Tending to a tree is more difficult when the height requirements are high.
  • It will take some work, but you can get them out of your way.
  • The lack of access to animals, dirt, flowers, and other resources found on land may not be that big an issue if you build below the surface.
  • The players will sometimes find themselves in a situation where enemies surround them. There’s usually more than one mob nearby; if not, there is always the chance of dungeon or spawner entrances being discovered.

Best Minecraft Underground Base Ideas

The following is a list of some cool designs for underground bases on Minecraft. We hope it gives you inspiration and ideas as well. Here are our favorite ones:

Basic Base plus Storage Room

Minecraft Underground Base with a store room

The design includes a convenient storage area with an enchanting nook in the middle. It’s made up of glowstone and torches to ensure that mobs aren’t spawning; there is proper lighting everywhere inside this underground base.

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A Big Village in the Cave


The builder of this base installed lots and trees to give it an appearance that is similar, but not quite like the surface world.

Semi-Underground Base


In this base, you won’t find any dirt or stone. It’s completely open to the land above it except for some glass that looks down on everything below.

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Modern Underground in Minecraft


Staying connected to the world is easy with this underground luxury apartment. The stainless steel appliances, leather sectional sofa, and creamy white walls are just some of what you’ll find here.

A Small Minecraft Underground Base

Small Minecraft Underground Base

The perfect home for those who love the thrill of underground existence. This base features a small room built below ground, with a glass roof that allows natural sunlight to shine. Watch out when monsters might stroll on top while you sleep.

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Big Hall


With its great design and ability to be used in many places, this Reddit user’s underground base will be one of the most sought-after rooms on your map.

Huge Underground Hall


There is a great underground base with stone brick walls and water features. The inside of this place has beautiful gardens and walkways that lead you through it all. It would be tons of work on survival mode but maybe better suited to creative unless they want some challenges, too- in which case I think our builder may need help.

Basic Minecraft Underground Base

The creator of this video shows you how to build an underground Minecraft base. The basic structure includes a small farm, bedroom, and storage room. You can make one yourself with these steps for your survival in the game world below ground level – it’s easy enough that even beginners will be able to help out here too.