Exciting Age-Appropriate Jobs for 10-Year-Olds

jobs for 10 year olds

Are you a parent searching for ways to assist your 10-year-old child in earning some extra spending money? Are you interested in exploring suitable jobs for 10-Year-Olds age group? 

This article outlines a range of opportunities for your child to begin earning money while fostering their sense of independence.

At age 10, many children are eager to develop greater self-reliance and responsibility. They are beginning to perceive themselves as approaching their teenage years rather than being young children. You may observe them demonstrating increased maturity and the capacity to cope with more intricate emotions.

Hence, numerous 10-year-olds are enthusiastic about attaining greater independence and discovering avenues to earn their own money constitutes a significant aspect of this journey.

A common approach for younger children is assigning tasks that mimic “jobs” and rewarding them with pocket money upon completion. Here, we’ve compiled a list of these typical tasks often taken on by kids.

Moreover, more conventional employment options are available, such as delivering newspapers, tending to neighbours’ plants, or even exploring online side gigs (with parental oversight).

Now, let’s delve into various household tasks suitable for 10-year-olds.

(For children closer to 11, we’ve also included some excellent job suggestions!)

Everyday household responsibilities for 10-year-olds: As previously mentioned, some of the best opportunities for 10-year-olds centre around regular household chores, which can offer you some much-needed assistance. These responsibilities foster a sense of independence in your pre-teens and enable them to earn pocket money.

These tasks might encompass:

  1. Folding laundry
  2.  Washing dishes
  3.  Loading the dishwasher
  4.  Organizing and tidying up toys and play areas
  5.  Setting the table for dinner or assisting with meal preparation (under your supervision)
  6.  Washing cars
  7.  Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming floors
  8.  Dusting various regions of the house
  9.  Keeping their room orderly
  10.  Sorting through unused items and selling them at a garage sale on platforms like Etsy or eBay (with your guidance)
  11.  Tending to the garden by weeding
  12.  Watering outdoor flowers and plants
  13.  Caring for any household pets

In addition to these excellent opportunities for 10-year-olds to earn pocket money and gain greater independence at home, you may consider involving them in more conventional jobs. However, you must familiarize yourself with child labour laws in the United States to ensure compliance with regulations.


Child labour laws protect young individuals from exploitation and ensure access to proper education and care. These regulations can vary from state to state and country to country, but they typically define a minimum age for employment and limit the number of hours children can work.

The federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) establishes 14 as the minimum age for most non-agricultural jobs in the United States, although exceptions exist for family-owned businesses.

Additionally, minors can establish their small businesses, although at the age of 10, parents are often involved in various aspects of such enterprises.

It’s crucial to understand that violations of child labour laws can result in fines and legal consequences for employers, potentially putting children at risk of exploitation and harm.

Given these regulations, pursuing more traditional jobs can be challenging for 10-year-olds. Nevertheless, the options listed below could suit children in this age group.


There are various avenues to consider When uncovering ways for 10-year-olds to make money. Your child can explore traditional jobs, online opportunities, summer positions, or even contemplate launching their small business.

Below, we’ve compiled a brief list, and you can access more detailed information by clicking on the provided links.


Conventional jobs refer to tasks that have endured over time and continue to be favoured by kids. These responsibilities include:

  1. Babysitting
  2.  Dog Walking
  3.  Lawn mowing
  4.  Operating a lemonade stand
  5.  Managing a paper route
  6.  Volunteering at an animal shelter

While these jobs may require effort, they entail straightforward tasks well-suited for kids. They present an excellent opportunity for youngsters to earn extra money while gaining valuable life skills.


Online opportunities are becoming increasingly popular among kids today. These options include:

  1. Taking part in online surveys
  2.  Evaluating websites
  3.  Engaging in gaming
  4.  Watching videos
  5.  Starting a YouTube channel
  6.  Establishing an Etsy store
  7.  Creating and selling printed t-shirts

These tasks provide uncomplicated and enjoyable methods for kids to make money. They require minimal effort and can be completed from the comfort of home. Nevertheless, it’s crucial to make sure you oversee your child’s online activities if they decide to explore this avenue.


Summer jobs offer an excellent way for kids to stay engaged during their summer break. These opportunities include:

  1. Lifeguarding
  2.  Camp counseling
  3.  Assisting on an ice cream truck
  4.  Helping out at a farmer’s market

While these roles may involve substantial effort, they present valuable opportunities for kids to develop new skills and gain hands-on work experience.

In certain instances, your child may be informed that they must be older to qualify for these positions formally. Nevertheless, they might still have the chance to shadow someone in the role to expand their understanding.


Launching your own business can be incredibly fulfilling for kids with an entrepreneurial and creative mindset. Here are some business ideas tailored for young entrepreneurs:

  1. Pet-sitting
  2.  Lawn care
  3.  Car washing
  4.  Baking and selling cookies
  5.  Plant sitting
  6.  Tutoring
  7.  Writing books

Getting a business off the ground requires significant dedication, but it can be exciting for kids prepared to take on the challenge. There are plenty of opportunities awaiting youngsters who are willing to invest their time and effort.


jobs for 10 year olds


Although it may appear early, some 10-year-olds may be ready to start babysitting, especially when it involves looking after younger siblings or familiar neighbourhood children while closely supervised by adults.

This experience can offer them an excellent chance to cultivate responsibility, empathy, and caregiving abilities.

Before permitting your child to take on a babysitting role, it’s crucial to ascertain that they have the maturity necessary to handle it. Enrolling them in a babysitting course or providing first aid training to prepare for potential emergencies can be advantageous. Additionally, it’s prudent to ensure that a responsible adult is nearby should the need arise.


Mowing lawns can be an excellent job for a 10-year-old, especially during the spring and summer.

Supervising their work is essential until you’re confident they can handle it independently.

If the thought of your 10-year-old using a lawn mower makes you nervous, opting for general lawn care is a safer choice that doesn’t require machinery!


Running a lemonade stand is a classic gig for youngsters, providing an opportunity to earn money and valuable entrepreneurship lessons.

As a parent, you can support your child through every step, from making the lemonade to setting up the stand, deciding on the lemonade prices, and interacting with customers.


Delivering newspapers is a classic job option for 10-year-olds looking to earn money and gain valuable experience.

To start a paper route, investigate whether local newspapers in your area need delivery personnel.

Opting for a route near your home is wise for your child’s convenience and safety. As a parent, you may need to accompany your child on their way when there’s snow or heavy rain to ensure their well-being while they’re working.


For a 10-year-old on the lookout for a job, dog walking can be an excellent choice for making money while staying active and caring for adorable furry companions.

To initiate your dog-walking endeavour, consider contacting neighbours, friends, and family members who own dogs and inquire if they require someone to walk their pets.

Additionally, you can explore local online job boards and listings, such as Care.com, to find dog walking opportunities in your vicinity. It’s important to remember that if your 10-year-old decides to start dog walking, it’s likely that you, as a parent, will need to accompany them on their walks for safety and supervision.


Volunteering at an animal shelter offers an incredible opportunity for 10-year-olds to gain valuable experience and develop a strong sense of responsibility.

Different animal shelters provide specific volunteering options based on age requirements. For example, in Cat World, the minimum age to volunteer is 9.

As a 10-year-old, you can actively contribute to caring for cats, enriching their lives, and maintaining a clean and cosy environment.

Likewise, you can explore volunteer roles in places like Bunny House or Parrot Garden, where the minimum age requirement is 8.


Participating in online surveys offers an excellent job opportunity for 10-year-olds. Many companies are willing to reward individuals for their opinions, and online surveys provide an efficient way for these companies to gather valuable data.

This represents a straightforward method for kids to earn extra money while having a good time.

Some survey platforms are specifically designed for a younger audience, such as Swagbucks and Toluna. These websites often feature surveys suitable for kids looking for online job options.

Remembering that these platforms may have varying age requirements is essential, so choosing a site that welcomes 10-year-olds is vital. Additionally, parental consent might be necessary in some instances.


If your 10-year-old has a strong passion for the gaming industry, they can explore several career avenues.

One option for tech-savvy kids enthusiastic about video games is to provide technical support to fellow young gamers. They can assist friends or family members in resolving gaming-related issues or offer guidance to local gaming clubs geared toward kids their age.

In online gaming, aspiring young influencers can also try their best at streaming on platforms like Twitch. This allows them to share their gaming experiences with others and potentially build a dedicated following.


Although formal website testing roles may not be appropriate or available for 10-year-olds due to the need for specialized skills and age-related restrictions, youngsters can still get familiar with this type of work.

They can provide valuable feedback on the design and user-friendliness of educational websites or apps targeted at their age.

Parents and caregivers can facilitate this process by having their children navigate a website or app and express their thoughts on the experience.

They can talk about what they found enjoyable or challenging, any obstacles they encountered, and their suggestions for improvements.


Even though it may sound too good to be true, some platforms reward users for watching videos.

However, it’s crucial to be aware that such opportunities are often part of larger “get paid to” or survey platforms that may have age restrictions.

For a 10-year-old, a more appropriate and attainable way to earn from this activity could involve reviewing or offering feedback on videos intended for their age group.

Alternatively, they could watch educational videos and then share the knowledge they’ve gained with others.


Starting a YouTube channel presents an exciting opportunity for your 10-year-old to express their creativity and carve out a niche as an influencer.

This platform allows them to create a wide range of content that aligns with their interests and talents, providing a platform for developing their communication and presentation skills.

While building a successful YouTube channel requires commitment and hard work, the journey not only holds the potential for financial rewards but also equips your child with essential content creation, communication, and entrepreneurship skills.

It’s an exceptional opportunity for a 10-year-old that could evolve into a lifelong passion and career.


Does your 10-year-old have a creative spark? Would you like to collaborate with them and brainstorm ideas for crafting items to sell on Etsy? The possibilities are broad and could include:

Hand-knit things Pottery designs Art prints Custom clothing creations Artisan candles Handcrafted soap


Here’s another intriguing business concept that may pique the interest of your 10-year-old: creating and marketing their line of t-shirts. This can be especially enjoyable if they already have some catchy slogans or designs in mind.

However, it’s crucial to understand that this endeavour will require an initial investment to produce and print the t-shirts. Hence, parents need to provide guidance and support!


While formal lifeguard positions usually require individuals to be at least 15-16 years old and hold certifications, a 10-year-old with strong swimming skills could participate in a junior capacity.

This participation could involve alerting the on-duty lifeguard to any potential hazards or helping younger children feel comfortable in the water, always under the watchful eye of an adult supervisor.


While most camp counsellors are teenagers, younger children can participate in junior roles, often known as “counsellors in training.”

These roles provide an excellent opportunity to acquire valuable experience in leadership and teamwork.

Responsibilities may involve assisting counsellors in organizing activities such as games or arts and crafts under older staff members’ watchful supervision and guidance.


While operating an ice cream truck is out of the question for a 10-year-old, they can undoubtedly assist with tasks like taking orders or serving ice cream, always under the close supervision of an adult.

This presents an excellent opportunity to develop customer service skills and gain experience with job-related responsibilities.


10-year-olds can participate in a farmer’s market stand by helping with setup, packaging goods, or interacting with customers.

This offers them a valuable learning experience to grasp concepts related to local produce, customer service, and essential business skills, all while under the supervision of an adult—particularly if you have a trusted friend or family member already involved in the farmer’s market scene!


Pet sitting can be an excellent job for your 10-year-old. With the right level of responsibility and a love for animals, they can develop essential life skills while earning some money.

As a pet sitter, your child will visit a neighbour’s house once or twice a day to take care of their pets, including feeding them, cleaning litter boxes, letting dogs outside, and even checking the mail.


Lawn care extends beyond simply mowing the grass; it encompasses tasks such as raking leaves, watering plants, and weeding. With appropriate supervision, a 10-year-old can lend a hand to neighbours with these responsibilities, gaining valuable experience in hard work, commitment, and even the fundamentals of botany.


Car washing can be an enjoyable opportunity for 10-year-olds to offer services to family, friends, and neighbours.

This hands-on job offers valuable lessons in diligence, attention to detail, and customer service. Safety should always be a top priority, with adult supervision as needed.


With the guidance of an adult, a 10-year-old can engage in baking cookies and market them within their neighbourhood or at local events. This endeavour imparts basic cooking skills and introduces them to mathematical concepts through ingredient measurements, business principles, and customer interaction. It’s crucial to ensure they grasp the importance of food hygiene and responsible money handling.


Plant sitting entails looking after plants, typically when their owners are absent or unable to tend to them. To discover plant-sitting opportunities, your 10-year-old can begin by volunteering their services to family, friends, or neighbours.


That’s right! Suppose your child excels in a specific school subject or has a talent for sports or playing a musical instrument. In that case, they can explore the possibility of earning extra money by tutoring younger kids a year or two behind them. Nevertheless, ensuring that this tutoring keeps your child’s studies intact is crucial.


If your 10-year-old is interested in books and creative writing, you can encourage them to start writing their book.

Even if there’s no official sale, consider offering them a certain amount of pocket money for every few pages they write. Alternatively, you could help them sell their books to neighbours and family members, providing a creative way for them to earn some money.


There are many advantages to involving children as young as ten in activities that resemble “jobs,” even if they don’t fit the traditional job description. Some of these benefits include Boosting their self-confidence, Gradually granting them more independence as they approach adolescence, Introducing the concept of earning money instead of receiving it without effort, Instilling a solid work ethic in them, and Assisting them in acquiring crucial life skills.


If you’d like to reward your child for completing chores or other tasks without giving them physical cash, you can utilize a unique application called Go Henry. This app lets you generate a list of tasks for your child to complete to earn money. Once a job is completed (and you give it the green light), the money is transferred directly to their debit card. This is a neat method to help them learn about earning and handling money!


What can 10-year-olds do as a job?

Around age 10, you can begin taking on simple tasks that you find fun and are skilled at. These tasks involve assisting with household chores such as cleaning and gardening, or you could explore enjoyable activities like running a lemonade stand, crafting, or pet-sitting. It’s important to remember that these tasks should be delicate with your schoolwork, rest, and playtime.

How can ten years make money?

When you’re ten years old, you can earn money by doing small tasks for your friends, family, and neighbours. You can pitch in by washing cars, mowing lawns, or lending a hand with gardening. Another way to make some extra cash is by selling items such as crafts you make, homemade goodies, or things you don’t need anymore. Additionally, you can offer services like looking after pets or caring for plants to earn extra pocket money.

Can a 10-year-old get a job online?

While there are limitations on the types of online activities kids can engage in due to their age and safety considerations, there are still opportunities for them to earn money. They can help older family members or neighbours with tasks like setting up and managing digital devices or online accounts. However, it’s essential to remember that an adult should always supervise these activities to ensure everyone’s safety.

How much money can a 10-year-old make?

The amount of money a 10-year-old can earn varies depending on the job type, the effort they put in, and where they live. However, it’s important to emphasize that at this age, the primary goal should be to learn about work ethics and responsibility rather than striving for substantial earnings. A small reward or compensation can serve as excellent motivation and recognition for their dedication and effort.

What are some summer jobs (for 10-year-olds) near me?

In the summertime, 10-year-olds have a range of job choices to explore. They can try things like operating a lemonade stand, helping out in a family business, assisting neighbours with gardening, or washing cars. Other possibilities include pet sitting, dog walking, teaching their friends a skill, or organizing a garage sale. It’s essential to remember that the main focus here is for them to develop a sense of responsibility and grasp the value of hard work.

What are some jobs for kids under 13?

Children under 13 can participate in lighter activities like helping with household chores, gardening, pet care, or operating a lemonade stand. They can also consider offering tutoring services to their friends, sharing their expertise in a hobby they’re good at (like playing a musical instrument), or selling handmade crafts or treats. It’s essential to ensure that these tasks are appropriate for their age, safe, and don’t interfere with their primary responsibilities: school and play.

Is it legal for 10-year-olds to work?

Rules regarding child labour can vary based on your location, country, and state. In many areas, having a formal job before the age 14 or 16 is generally prohibited. However, engaging in simple, informal tasks like helping with household chores, assisting neighbours with yard work, or running a small business such as a lemonade stand is usually acceptable. It’s essential to research and check the specific laws and guidelines in your local area to ensure that you’re complying with the regulations.

How can parents support their children’s job ventures?

Parents can provide valuable support to their children when they start working. They can impart crucial skills such as time management, good customer service, and responsible money handling. Parents can offer guidance and supervision, help set achievable goals, and ensure safety. Parents must also emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between work, school, and leisure activities.

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