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Ashley Judd’s net worth is estimated around $14 Million. Ashley Judd, an activist and artist from the United States, has a family background of artists. Raised in a family of artists, she is the daughter of Naomi Judd, a well-known singer, and a half-sibling, Wynonna Judd(sister), with her. With a career in acting for more than thirty years, Judd has not only shown her talents. Still, he has also shown growing dedication to humanitarian causes worldwide and active participation in politics. As of May 2023, it is estimated that Ashley Judd net worth of around $14 Million. Let’s know more about Ashley Judd’s net worth, career, family, and other important things:

Ashley Judd’s net worth Key Points Covered in the Article

  • Ashley Judd’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million.
  • She comes from a family background of artists, with her mother, Naomi Judd, a well-known singer and her sister Wynonna Judd, a singer.
  • Ashley Judd has been active in the entertainment industry for over thirty years, with a successful career in acting.
  • She has also been dedicated to humanitarian causes worldwide and has been involved in politics as a political activist.
  • Ashley Judd was born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, Los Angeles.
  • She had a diverse upbringing, attending multiple schools and later pursuing a degree at the University of Kentucky.
  • Her acting career took off in the 1990s with roles in TV shows like “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and the film “Ruby in Paradise.”
  • She continued to have success in the 2000s and 2010s, appearing in films such as “Double Jeopardy,” “Divergent,” and the TV series “Missing.”
  • Ashley Judd has been involved in philanthropy and supports various charitable organizations.
  • She was married to racing driver Dario Franchitti from 2001 to 2013.
  • Ashley Judd has been recognized for her performances with Primetime Emmy Awards and Golden Globes nominations.
  • She is known for her activism, particularly in advocating for women’s rights.
  • Ashley Judd’s net worth allows her to invest in real estate and support charitable causes.
  • She purchased a property in Kentucky, where she spent much of her childhood.
  • Ashley Judd has expressed antinatalist views and does not have any children of her own.
  • She has supported Democratic politicians, including Barack Obama.
  • Ashley Judd has received acclaim for her performances and has won awards such as the Independent Spirit Award and the Chicago Film Critics Association Award.
  • She is known for her thought-provoking quotes and strong opinions on social issues.
  • As of May 2023, Ashley Judd’s net worth is estimated to be around $14 million.

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Who is Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd was born on April 19, 1968, in Granada Hills, Los Angeles.

Raised by her parents, Michael Charles Ciminella and Naomi Judd, both were country music artists and motivational speakers; their marriage, unfortunately, led to divorce when Ashley was just a four-year-old child.

Her paternal grandfather from Sicilian descent, whereas her paternal grandmother traced her lineage back was of Mayflower pilgrim William Brewster.

During Ashley’s birth, her mother mainly dedicated herself to homemaking, and it was only in the early 1980s that she gained recognition as a country music performer.

Wynonna Judd, Ashley’s half-sister, followed the mother’s footsteps and started her career as a country music singer.

After the separation, Naomi brought her two daughters to Kentucky, her home state. This led Ashley to attend 13 different schools during her upbringing.

During high school, she was admitted into the field of modelling in Japan but ultimately returned to the United States to continue a degree at the University of Kentucky.

After the completion of her education, Ashley entered Hollywood in search of an acting career. However, her wish to be closer to her mother and sister finally returned to Tennessee.


Ashley Judd Net Worth:$14 Million
Age:55(as per the year 2023)
BirthApril 19, 1968
Height:1.70 m or 5 ft 7 in
OriginUnited States of America
Wealth SourceActress


Ashley Judd had to keep patience before playing her first significant role, which came out in the early 1990s. She made appearances in two episodes of ‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ and confirmed a recurring position in the NBC drama series Sisters.’

Around the same time, Ashley made her debut in the film industry with a role in ‘Kuffs.’ Later, she got a leading role in the independent movie ‘Ruby in Paradise.’ Her talents were also seen in films like ‘Smoke,’ ‘Natural Born Killers,’ and ‘Heat.’

The best for Ashley Judd in the 1990s was ‘Norma Jean and Marilyn,’ where she played the role of Marilyn Monroe.

Clearly, the 1990s proved to be a highly successful period for the rising star, Ashley Judd. The 2000s was also a good period of time.

Throughout the 2000s, this actress played various roles in productions, including ‘Someone Like You,’ ‘High Crimes,’ ‘Where the Heart Is,’ ‘Frida,’ ‘De-Lovely,’ and ‘Twisted.’

She performed awesome in a Broadway revival of ‘Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, which made her stand out of the crowd and emerge to be the best actress.

By the coming of the 2010s, Ashley Judd had made her position as a well-known and praised actress.

During this decade, she appeared in films such as’Divergent,’ ‘Flypaper,’ and ‘Insurgent.’ Also, she starred as Rebecca Winstone in the ABC aseries’ Missing.’

One of her memorable supporting roles came in the form of ‘A Time to Kill,’ a film that has positive reviews and performed nicely at the box office.

Ashley Judd came out as a significant figure in American cinema and received offers for roles in movies like ‘Double Jeopardy’ and ‘Kiss the Girls.’

As of May 2023, Ashley Judd’s net worth is estimated at approximately $14 Million.

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Personal Life

In 2001, Ashley entered into a relationship with Dario Franchitti, a racing driver from Scotland. Their married remained for 12 years, but in 2013, they decided to part their ways and officially divorced.

As per her family background, Ashley is the child of Naomi Judd, a famous country singer, and also half-sibling of her sister, Wynonna Judd.

It is surprising that Ashley had no children of her own, as she called herself an antinatalist. This perspective shows her belief that bringing new life into this world is morally not good.


Although Ashley Judd’s acting career has significant recognition and honours, she is also known as a vocal presence in the politics. She was engaged as a political activist, Ashley Judd had supported a number of Democrats, such as Barack Obama.

Furthermore, she has dedicated herself to many humanitarian works. At one point, there was even thinking of Ashley Judd running for a Senate seat in 2013. However, she finally chose to withdraw from the idea.

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How Does Ashley Judd Utilize Her Finances?

Ashley Judd spends a portion of her finances towards investments in real estate and philanthropic activities.

Ashley Judd’s Residence

In the year 2013, Judd purchased a property in Kentucky, which has a special significance as it was the home where she spent many years of her growth. Covering an area of 1,400 square feet, the home has three bedrooms and one bathroom.

Ashley Judd’s Charity Work

Ashley Judd supports many charitable organizations. Some of the special causes she has participated to include the Animal Legal Defense Fund, Coalition, Defenders of Wildlife, Children’s Medical Research Institute, Eracism Foundation, Five & Alive, Friends of the Asian Elephant, Jeans for Genes, Heifer International, Legacy of Hope Foundation, Creative, and Listen Campaign.

Highlights & Awards

Ashley Judd has had an outstanding career, showing her talents in well-known productions that have collected credits and recognition.

Her impressive performances have led to nominations for many well-known awards, including two Primetime Emmy Awards and two Golden Globes.

Here are some highlights from Ashley Judd’s career:


  • Heat (1995)
  • Kiss the Girls (1997)
  • Double Jeopardy (1999)
  • Divergent (2014)
  • Good Kids (2016)


  • Independent Spirit Award (1993)
  • Chicago Film Critics Association Award (1993)
  • Blockbuster Entertainment Award (2000)

3 Powerful Lessons from Ashley Judd

Now that we are known about Ashley Judd’s net worth and her way to success, let us study some valuable lessons we can learn from her:

Understanding the Realities of the World:

Know the importance of your imagination, as exposure to various subjects stimulates your ability to accept, understand, and engage with the realities that exist in the world.

Prioritizing Self-Care:

Understand that self-care is not selfish; instead, it is an expression of self-worth and self-esteem.

Private Relationship:

Note that your relationship with yourself is no less than wellspring, feeding every other factor of your life.

Favourite Quotes from Ashley Judd

  • “The amount of gender violence that I experience is extraordinary. And a significant part of my day today will be spent filing police reports at home about gender violence directed at me in social media.” – Ashley Judd.
  • “The way things happen on social media is so abusive, and everyone needs to take personal responsibility for what they write and not allow this misinterpretation and shaming culture on social media to persist.” – Ashley Judd
  • “Patriarchy is not men. Patriarchy is a system in which both women and men participate. It privileges, inter alia, the interests of boys and men over the bodily integrity, autonomy, and dignity of girls and women. It is subtle, insidious, and never more dangerous than when women passionately deny that they are engaging in it.” – Ashley Judd
  • “When I allow myself to feel all my feelings instead of numbing myself to them, they pass more quickly. I spent my entire life telling everyone I was “OK, damn it.” But when you surrender to the [uncomfortable] feelings, there are gifts on the other side: Allowing yourself to feel loneliness forces you to reach out.” – Ashley Judd
  • “Tough girls come from New York. Sweet girls, they’re from Georgia. But for us Kentucky girls, we have fire and ice in our blood. We can ride horses, be debutantes, throw left hooks, and drink with the boys while making sweet tea, darling. And if we have an opinion, you know you’re gonna hear it.” – Ashley Judd.

FAQs On Ashley Judd’s net worth 

What is the approximate Ashley Judd’s net worth?

Ashley Judd’s net worth is around $14 Million.

What is Ashley Judd’s age?

Ashley Judd was born on April 19, 1968, making her 55 years old.

How tall is Ashley Judd?

Ashley Judd has a height of 1.70 m or 5 ft 7 in.

Conclusion On Ashley Judd’s net worth

Ashley Judd, an actress from the United States, has made a name for herself in the television and film industries. Her memorable performances include roles in well-known productions like ‘Double Jeopardy,’ ‘Kiss the Girls,’ and the TV series Sisters.’ Above her successful acting career, she has also recently played the role of a political activist.

There have been rumors about her involvement in politics. Also, she has gained praise for her charity work and efforts. With her net worth, she supports numerous charitable organizations and passionately supports women’s rights. As of May 2023, Ashley Judd’s net worth is approximately $14 Million.

I hope you like the information we have gathered for you in this article.


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