30+ Minecraft Building Ideas that Might Surprise You


Minecraft Building Ideas – Minecraft is an amazing game that lets you build anything from igloos to cities. If it’s been awhile since your last adventure in Minecraft land, here are 34 awesome building ideas for all of the different types of play styles out there.

Minecraft is a great way to let your creativity run wild and there are so many different things you can build. Some ideas for what I like building in minecraft include an awesome house, castle or even just some storage rooms.

The best part about this game? You don’t have be skilled at building before getting started because it’s actually really easy if done correctly by following these simple steps mentioned below.

You can build as big a castle in survival mode if you want, but it might be difficult. You will have to get all the blocks yourself and that could take some time! But when playing on creative map where anything goes – even imaginary friends- there’s no limit on how large your creations may become.

Minecraft is an endless source of inspiration for architects, engineers and builders. Here are come cool things you can build in Minecraft.

Best Minecraft Building Ideas in Minecraft Survival


Minecraft castles are a perfect place to live. Why? You could have everything from an elegant wooden gate, flowing lava moats with bridges over them made out of stone – it’s almost like being in another world! But there is even more than just architecture here.

Fountains and statues can be placed around your property for added effect; gardens where flowers grow wild or trees provide shade as you relax on one side while watching deer run through their own obstacle course somewhere else close by (everywhere really). And don’t forget about all those cool things hidden away inside too.

Building a Minecraft castle is an awesome idea, but it’s not always as easy or straightforward in practice. For me at least starting off with the outer wall first allows for quicker construction of other parts without having to redo work that has already gone into them before getting more space if needed later on down the line when I’m finished building my Defence Tower and Stockade Camp Peter port.

Minecraft is a great way to let your creativity run wild. If you want an amazing castle but don’t have enough time or money, consider making it smaller.

A House

Minecraft Building Ideas house
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Building your very own Minecraft house is an amazing idea for a creative and fun way to make the most out of living in shelters. You can design bedrooms, storage spaces or even hallways.

If you’re looking at making more permanent changes then why not build one that’s indoor too? With so many different styles available there will definitely be something perfect just waiting around every corner.

A Town

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Minecraft is an open-world game where you can create your own structures and play out different scenarios. You might want to build a town, or maybe just some houses for yourself in the world that seems like it would be fun.

There are many ways you can protect your settlement in Minecraft, but one of the best methods is by building walls and other structures. This will stop any mobs from spawning or attacking town members so they don’t have to worry about their safety while exploring.

Mobs might seem like nothing more than angry chickens at first glance; however, these creatures pose quite a threat if left unchecked with proper defense techniques such as torches placed nearby for light— lighting up dark areas makes all the difference when hunting down clues (or avoiding creepers).

Some other things you can build for your town in Minecraft:

  • Banks
  • Hospitals
  • Storage Rooms
  • Underground Bunkers
  • Hotels and motels
  • Town Halls
  • Parks
  • Jails, Police Station and Court Rooms
  • Conference rooms
  • Malls
  • Monuments & Statues

A Farm

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The only way to get fed in Minecraft is with food grown on your own farm. You could start off by just needing trees and wheat, but as you progress through the game’s levels more types of crops will become available for harvest–pumpkins are best when they’re cooked over red stone lamps (or indeed any other type) while carrots take longer than most vegetables do because their growth cycle requires weeks instead minutes.

If you’re looking for a cool farm-related thing to build, your own Minecraft greenhouse with glass and natural light is just the ticket! The structure would keep animals at bay while also providing ample sunshine. You can make sure that mobs don’t spawn by properly lighting up this ‘greenhouse’.

Growing your own food is more work than it seems, but if you have the right tools for growing crops indoors and underground then this can be easily done. Crops need light in order to grow properly so making sure there’s enough from lamps or other sources will help with achieving success.

An Underground Base

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To build an underground base in Minecraft, look for large ravines or carve out holes with TnT. Put windows on your walls and hang vines to create the perfect atmosphere that is both industrial yet lush at times.

If you want more of a challenge make sure there’s water nearby so it feels cozy as well; if not then just use lava instead (or anything else) since this one will work no matter what types of ores/ plants are present–just remember its location must remain secret unless told otherwise by another player who has already done.

What are you waiting for? Get your friends together to explore new worlds in this fun, multiplayer game. If an underground city sounds appealing then check out our guide on how players have made them into reality with just their creativity and clever use of tools.

A Treehouse to live your childhood fantasy

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In Minecraft, there are many types of biomes such as desert and taiga. Biome addition can change how you play the game by giving your character more enemies to fight or resources they need in order for them continue playing.

For example if I were building my base on top floor with access only from outside then it would be easy pickings once someone burned down all their buildings around us because we had plenty room up above ground level too so watch out unless fire spread doesn’t happen at first glance.

There is a fun idea to build wooden bridges linking different tree houses together. This may make your house less private and more obvious if you are on the server with other players, but it’s still worth trying out.

A Garden

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Minecraft gardens are a great way to decorate your house or even just by themselves. You can use flowers, trees and gravel pathways in order create the perfect atmosphere for any space.

Minecraft has many features that make it the perfect game for gardens. One of these is getting to explore a vast world with water, which can sometimes become difficult if your garden doesn’t have enough space or you want something more customized than what’s offered by default settings in-game.

To find the perfect flower for your garden, you can use bone meal on grass or go looking throughout Minecraft’s various biomes. Some places will have many more flowers than others.

A Big City

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If you’ve got the time and help, others have successfully built a big city in Minecraft. This challenge is usually faced by those with plenty of both.

WorldEdit is a great plugin for Minecraft servers that lets you copy and paste blocks without having to build them from scratch each time. This can save tons of time when creating structures or just making changes across your map.

A Fantastic Fountain

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Fountains are a great way to make any space more interesting and beautiful. The possibilities for fountain shapes are endless, from simple outdoor fountains that can be placed in your garden or inside of castle courtyard; all the way up towards intricate sculptures with multiple tiers which could grace an indoor hall.

Fountains are a lot more tricky to make now because Mojang changed the way water flows. You may need some experimenting with ‘steps’ for your fountains and placing blocks like glowstone or redstone lamps inside of them in order achieve an even flow that will light up at night.

A Library

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Library in Minecraft can be super simple or it could get really intricate. You have the option of decorating your library with all sorts books, wood panels on walls for decoration and even carpets.

For extra fun you might want to use pistons so that there are hidden passages behind some bookcases too-this will make any adventurer happy when they find out what’s hiding around.

Libraries are the perfect place to store all your enchanting tables (with books and enchants). Even if you don’t want build a large library, just keep one close by in case of storage problems for keeping up with recent additions Minecraft-enchantments.

A little more mystical than before? Try building basement or secret room behind bookcase where will brew all potions; maybe even decorate office accordingly so it feels like home hot spot.

Store Room

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Minecraft storage ideas! You know what you should do if your inventory starts getting cluttered?

Get some new Minecraft room designs. A good place for a base might be an underground city with lots of caves and tunnels, or maybe build up rows upon chest-high walls all around the outside so nothing can climb in without breaking through these containers first (but we don’t recommend just throwing things on top because then they would break when someone tries pushing against them).

Minecraft houses come with storage rooms. These are the perfect places to keep all of your most valuable items, so make sure they’re protected by using expensive blocks like gold or diamond in place of generic ones.

Tower of Paris

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Take a look at some of the most famous landmarks in Minecraft and use them as inspiration for your own creations. For example, you could build something like Paris’ Eiffel Tower or London’s Big Ben.

If traveling is on the agenda this year then consider taking along one specific memory that will inspire more than just an architecture enthusiast.

An Egyptian Pyramid

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Pyramids are a great place to put your Minecraft beacon. They can be built in any biome using various materials and will make for an interesting structure that is recognizable across all worlds.

If you want more Egyptian flair, add pools with columnar legs on top of it or decorations like sphinxes outside the walls where people walk past every day while they’re out exploring (although these might not stay decorated very long).

Making a pyramid in Minecraft is as easy as pie. All you need to do it pile up some dirt and then make bigger squares go vertical until they reach their peak.

An Arch

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The grand entrance to your town or base is often an arches. It can be made of simple materials like stone, but they become more ornate with the use diamond blocks found while mining for those who want their structures well-built and sturdy.

Minecraft is a game that allows players to create their own worlds and play in them. One way you can customize your environment are with statues.

The popular idea of adding these onto the side arches has been taken up by many people, such as those featuring horses or mermaids for good measure too.

The Cathedral – Awesome Minecraft building ideas

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The world is full of impressive churches and cathedrals that you can find anywhere.

Construction on one in Minecraft would be quite difficult, but it’s worth trying to make your own version as organized or messy looking like some others out there! For inspiration look at images online for famous landmarks like St. Peter’s Cathedral Paris by Le Corbusier (a architect who loved playing with color). This project may take time so patience builders.

Amazing Nether Portal

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The possibilities are endless with how you can build your portal. You could create a room just for it or, if desired more importantly by far!, make an even larger version that will be decoration in the world instead.

If you want to make sure that any Minecraft mobs don’t walk through your portal, then I recommend keeping it in a separate room. To build materials for this project, go outside and find quartz or brick from the nether world.

This will give all of us something new we can enjoy exploring while still being able use our homes’ space wisely.

Air Floating Base

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Minecraft’s floating bases are not just for Skyblock, they can be one of the coolest things to build in Minecraft Survival! Build a large platform up high and bring construction materials with you on your journey. The original builder has created an amazing time lapse video that shows how he built this particular base.

Be aware that building a floating base in Minecraft can be difficult, especially at the beginning. But with some creativity and effort you will find it is possible.

Building your own private sky club high up above ground level provides protection from mobs below as well as making for great pictures or videos when viewed down below – if playing on an evil-free server of course.

Make sure to have safe ways back such like ladders/slime blocks.

A Dock

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You can create an entire village out on the water with wooden sidewalks and docks. Anchored boats are also perfect for decoration. The water is always nearby, so it’s easy to go Minecraft fishing from a dock. A great place for storing all of your supplies.


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Digging near your base and filling it with water is a great way to create an under-the ground system for mining. Add fences or plants such as vines and lily pads in order make this sewer more aesthetically pleasing, then put tracks if you want so players can use them.

If you want to really take your visitors on a trip, add secret hallways with treasure. These could be hidden in the form of pressure plates and pistons so that they’re not always easy for people who walk through them or right next door.

You can even keep some sections dark – this will allow mobs to spawn while exploring; make sure however not to overdo it because too many monsters might spoil things completely.

Building Subway in Minecraft is a great idea

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A minecart subway system is the perfect way to build your own personal transportation network in Minecraft. Imagine how easy it would be when you’re tired of walking or running all over town- just step on down.

The possibilities are endless with how you can expand your world. You could have one long hallway that goes underground, or if space is an issue then just break it up into multiple levels by adding stops along the way with exits to worlds above-that’s what I like called “metro stations.”

If going all out isn’t possible for whatever reason (maybe there aren’t enough materials), decorating these important places in our cities gives us some much needed identity and belonging.

A mesmerizing Maze

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Mazes are a great way to create an adventure for your players. You can build them out of leaves or hedges and place them in garden mazes. They might also be made underground, inside buildings (such as temples) – whatever suits the setting best.

A Statue – one of the Amazing Minecraft Building Ideas

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There are so many ways to use your space. If you have an empty hallway inside the building, consider Minecraft statues. You could build ones dedicated entirely for favorite items or mobs animals players. It’s up to you what will best represent your owned characters in this world that they’ve created together with their friends at school/work etc.


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The Minecraft community has some amazing building ideas that you can use to get across rivers or deep chasms. Build a bridge with your choice of material, decorate the edges and supports for an extra stylish look, then add lights.

A Lighthouse – A great Minecraft building Idea

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When build a lighthouse by an ocean, make sure you give it some cool decoration. A glowing light at night can really stand out and show off your base’s location.

You don’t want something boring like a stone building or field because those are just status quo for most people; what about something different?

Make use of all three dimensions with concrete blocks (or whatever material) as foundation layers- they’ll become especially apparent when viewed from above since their patterns will change accordingly each time someone flies over them on any given day, Or maybe go entirely white/concrete instead if that suits better aesthetic tastes–either way.

A Boat

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You can’t sail a manually built boat from blocks in Minecraft. Regardless, it does make for an interesting thing to build.

Manually-built boats usually have wood frames with sails made of wool and depending on how complex your design is; there’s really no limit as long as you’re willing put time into designing them – either by hand or using programming tools like a ded software which will help bring out all those intricate details easier than ever before.

A Penthouse

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For a cool Minecraft house idea, build your penthouse suite! You can easily watch over the whole base from atop one of these skyscrapers. This might be more work if you don’t have an already-existing high rise in sight but it’s worth checking out regardless – they’re really something else and will make any room feel special enough for when friends come round (even though we all know there won’t ever really need to be anyone else around)

A Clock Tower – Big Ben

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Minecraft makes for a great project to work on when you have the chance. This time, I decided that instead of making something new in-game like my last few builds (clock towers included), it would be fun if someone could build one from scratch using only blocks they found within their world.

The difficulty level is high because not only do these clocktowers need materials but also different tools/blockheads which can often imbalance out any progress made by builders without them knowing exactly where everything goes – especially since many pieces pop off easily during construction so there needs constant replacement or fixing after each hour.

Bank Minecraft Build

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The coolest thing about bank vaults in Minecraft is that you can make an underground base with them. Build a large, secure structure made from obsidian and put all your valuable items inside. You could also design each floor to be separate so they don’t get mixed together or damaged by natural disasters like earthquakes.

A Subway Restaurant

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Do you love cooking delicious food for your friends and family, but find that it’s not always easy to get a spot? Now there are all sorts of great ways in which we can cook our Minecraft meals.

One idea is building an eating establishment with seating area—like maybe even rent out some tables or seats at popular restaurants around town. People will be crazy about this place if they play on servers where other players share their interests too.

Just make sure everything has easy access from wherever within the map you’re located.


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A large, urban hospital is an essential part of any Minecraft survival. Build this structure with white materials like wool and quartz to make the red “H” or cross really pop.

You could also craft concrete from powder instead if you’re looking for something less expensive – just remember that it will not be as strong so use caution when building on top floors where there’s no roof above them yet.

The Courthouse

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Building a courthouse to deal with rule-breaking players on your server is yet another Minecraft building idea.

The inside should contain an area for people watch the proceedings, and Front Street – where lawyers practice their skills in court. Don’t forget about jail cells or prisons that are underneath it too.

A Prison

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If you want to create a Minecraft prison server, don’t forget about all the necessary features.

You’ll need cell blocks for prisoners and their cells; a cafeteria where they can eat dinner every night (or breakfast if it’s morning time); security rooms with levers that open doors when activate by players inside them–perhaps even custom enchanted tools waiting behind some iron bars.

Make sure there are plenty of beds too so people won’t get lonely while incarcerated outdoors in this cold world outside our doorsteps.

Minecraft Pixel Art

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Pixel art is a form of 2D drawing that uses pixel-based colors. This style can be created in Minecraft just by using wool or other colored blocks like concrete, but it’s actually very challenging and fun to make.

Pixel artists often create flags for their creations as well – these usually have requests written on them so people know what the design Predict wants others think about themselves when they see this logo flying high above beaches everywhere.

A Cottage

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Minecraft Building Ideas -Final Words

Well that’s a wrap on our list of the best Minecraft building Ideas. We hope you enjoyed reading it and can come up with some more great ideas! If not, leave your own contribution in the comments below so others may learn too.