The Real Story Behind the ‘Sofia The Baddie Dog’ Video That Has Been Continuously Appearing on Your Newsfeed

sofia the baddie dog

You might have seen that video of Sofia the Baddie Dog. Well, guess what? It’s been making its way all over the internet, and many people are discussing it. This news has caught many by surprise and has even made some people upset. It’s sparked a bunch of questions in people’s minds too. Once this news spread worldwide, folks everywhere began sharing their thoughts.

A headline online says, “Sofia the Baddie Dog Original Leaked,” and it’s getting shared like crazy. People are interested and have many questions about what went down. Some even use search engines to dig up all the information about this news. What’s the backstory? What exactly happened? If you’re curious, keep reading to uncover the rest of the story!

Sofia The Baddie Dog Original Viral Video

sofia the baddie dog

In this video, uploaded on TikTok and Twitter using the hashtag “#SofiaTheBaddie,” you’ll see a girl with her black pet dog. The video is filmed from two different angles and captures something out of the ordinary. After the not-safe-for-work (NSFW) video was posted, the TikTok community began to react. People were shocked, and some even requested something to help them get rid of the image because this unexpected content confused or even frightened internet users.

The video was quickly posted on Twitter from an account called AdalynGonzalez4. At first, her name was linked to the video, but then the entire history got removed from Twitter.

But let me tell you about Twitter: things can spread like wildfire there. By the time they tried to stop it, many people had already watched it. Some began sharing the news with others or even used parts of the video to create funny memes. The video also got shared on different Reddit groups that focus on similar stuff. But those Reddit posts got deleted pretty fast as well.

But here’s where it gets interesting: those who know about the original TikTok account that uploaded the video, “Sofia the Baddie,” are saying that the video isn’t actually of her. Even though the rumours about it have spread widely, some people are familiar with her and are confident that it’s not her in the video.

Others knowledgeable about this online “animal play” world also join the conversation. They’re pointing out that the video appeared in 2018 and has been shared on various not-so-great websites.

So, what’s the bottom line? The current strange video isn’t connected to Sofia the Baddie, even though some folks thought it was. This situation is similar to what happened recently with that famous Tubgirl picture making a comeback and becoming a big deal on TikTok again.

Sofia the Baddie can clear her name from the animal abuse allegations. But here’s the kicker: someone out there did film the video that’s circulating now, and they posted it online years ago.

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