Jeremy Lin wife Kristina Wong: Education, Career

Jeremy Lin Wife Kristina Wong

NBA star Jeremy Lin wife, kristina wong, is a talented performance artist known for her thought-provoking and socially relevant works. While her husband is making waves on the court, Kristina makes her mark on the stage with her unique brand of activism and comedy.

Together, this power couple has been making headlines, both for their achievements and their inspiring love story.

Let’s look closer at the woman behind the man and discover what makes Kristina Wong a force to be reckoned with.

Who is Jeremy Lin

Jeremy Lin is a famous basketball player born in Palo Alto, California, in 1988. His parents came from Taiwan. He became well-known for playing basketball at high school and later at Harvard University.

Jeremy wanted to play for the Golden State Warriors in 2010, but they didn’t let him join their team. So, he decided to play for the New York Knicks instead.

Jeremy quickly became very popular in New York City because he played well. In February 2012, he led his team to win several games!

Who is Jeremy Lin’s wife, Kristina Wong?

Kristina Wong is a funny lady from America who is good at performing in plays by herself, making art and acting. She is part of a group called the Performance Artists Guild.

Kristina cares a lot about women’s rights and often writes jokes about topics people have different opinions on, like race, gender, and advantages. She primarily focuses on the experiences of Asian Americans.

Kristina was chosen to represent Wilshire Center Sub-District 5 Koreatown Neighborhood Council in Los Angeles, where she is now doing that job.

Jeremy Lin’s wifeKristina Wong, Education and Early Life

Jeremy Lin wife Kristina Wong

Kristina Wong was born in San Francisco, California, to parents who were originally from China. Her mom worked as an accountant, and her dad sold insurance.

Wong attended a Catholic all-girls high school and was part of the speech class. She then went to the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) for college.

In high school, Wong made a project called “Big Bad Chinese Mama,” a fake website for mail-order brides to fight against how some white guys were attracted to Asian women.

She advertised it in chat rooms where people were talking about fetishes, in the newspaper next to massage ads, and by making sure it appeared when people searched for Asian porn online.

After she finished college with degrees in English and World Arts and Cultures and a minor in Asian American Studies, Wong worked at different jobs, including as a hostess at a restaurant, selling things on eBay, and working for an art non-profit that paid $10 an hour. Eventually, she became successful as an artist.

In 2008 and 2014, she was invited back to UCLA to give speeches at graduation events. At the 2014 event, she talked about how Asian American men should be seen as attractive differently.

Kristina Wong Career

Performance Art

In 2017, Kristina Wong showcased her character called “Fannie Wong,” who is a former “Miss Chinatown 2nd-Runner-Up,” at an experimental exhibition called “In Search of Miss Ruthless.”

The exhibit at the Para Site Gallery in Hong Kong explored how the Miss Chinatown USA pageant has influenced the Chinese American community.

At the exhibition, Kristina Wong interacted with visitors while standing beside a display case showcasing items from her previous performances as “Fannie Wong.” For example, she once disrupted the 2003 Miss LA Chinatown pageant.

Key Takeaways

  • NBA star Jeremy Lin’s wife, Kristina Wong, is a performance artist known for socially relevant works.
  • Together, they are a power couple making headlines for their achievements and inspiring love story.
  • Jeremy Lin is a famous basketball player born in California in 1988, known for his success with the New York Knicks.
  • Kristina Wong is an American comedian, performance artist, and actor focused on women’s rights and Asian American experiences.
  • Wong attended UCLA and made a “Big Bad Chinese Mama” project to respond to Asian fetishization.
  • Wong’s notable works include her character “Fannie Wong” and her capstone project “Big Bad Chinese Mama.”
  • Jeremy Lin is playing for PLG’s Steelers, and his net worth is approximately $36 million.

Final Words

Kristina Wong is an American comedian, performance artist, and actor known for her satirical works that tackle various societal issues. She has also been involved in politics and was elected to represent a neighbourhood council in Los Angeles. Her notable works include her character “Fannie Wong” and her capstone project “Big Bad Chinese Mama.”

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Is Jeremy Lin retired?

After trying to make a comeback to the NBA, Lin joined the Warriors’ development team in 2021 but ultimately returned to the Chinese Basketball Association (CBA) and played for the Ducks and later the Guangzhou Loong Lions. However, he left the Loong Lions mid-season in 2022-23 and signed with PLG’s Steelers in 2023.

Is Jeremy Lin still rich?

In July 2012, Lin was honoured with the ESPY Award for Breakthrough Athlete of the Year and was recognized by Time magazine as one of the most influential people in the world. Lin’s net worth is Approximately $36 million


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