How To get Woodland Mansion in Minecraft


How To get Woodland Mansion The Woodland Mansions are a rare type of structure added in the 1.11 Exploration Update that you can only find within Dark Forest Biomes across all maps. These homes have special rewards, including diamond blocks and armor made from them – so you’ll want to search for some soon if you’re looking forward to getting geared up quickly without spending tons of coins/ strawberries like I did when my son was born.

The chances of finding a Woodland Mansion are pretty rare, but luckily for you, there is an easy way to find them. This tutorial will teach everything that needs to be known about tracking down these unique structures in Minecraft.

How to Get Woodland Mansion

Follow the steps mentioned below:

Get Woodland Explorer Map

Unlocking a new tier of trade will allow you to purchase Woodland Explorer Maps from the map vendor. These maps are sold in sets at different costs, with each set costing 15-30 emeralds and requiring one compass per villager who has it available for sale (you’ll have find this person through repeating your usual routine).

Follow the Map

Maps are like books for your ears. They have maps of all different places and times, with white dots (your location) at one end; houses represent where you’ll find people who can tell stories about that specific place or time period if it’s not already mentioned on the page itself- this includes both friendliness towards newcomers as well as accessibility overall since anyone should be able to access information without having any prior knowledge.

Use the map to figure out which direction you need go in, like for example when I’m at my current location and looking south-east. Go down into debug screen (F3 on PC) so that your facing can also be seen easily with all its symbols pointing towards them.

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Explore and Enjoy

Collect all your rewards in the form of chests! There are so many to find, with diamond armor being one prize that you’ll want. Note there is also hidden content inside these rooms – including blocks or even Illagers who may be carrying totems dedicated towards letting them revive themselves upon death (when held). The Evoker’s totem will grant its holder an extra life if they die while holding onto it; however only rare enemies like this type exist outside special events.

FAQs on Woodland Mansion

How far away are Woodland Mansions?

Woodland Mansions are the rarest type of mansion in all Minecraft. They can be over 10,000 blocks away from your current location and require an extraordinary amount of time or resources to reach.

Can Illagers like Evokers and Vindicators respawn? 

The Illagers can only be killed once, and then they will never come back.

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