The viral online claim about Bruce Willis’s heart attack has been proven false.

bruce willis heart attack

The news of Bruce Willis heart attack went viral on social media when a post on Facebook falsely claimed that the famous action movie star had died. This occurred in November 2022 when a widespread false narrative about the actor’s well-being was circulating.

The rise of social media has made it easier for rumours to spread rapidly and reach many people in a short period. However, fact-checkers swiftly investigated the matter and conclusively debunked the fabricated story about Willis.

Debunking the rumour about Bruce Willis’s heart attack

Willis’ struggle with aphasia

All Bruce Willis fans must know that their favourite Hollywood movie star has been facing health issues that can be addressed.

In March 2022, there were reports that he had been dealing with a condition called aphasia, which affects a person’s ability to use and understand language.

Aphasia is a neurological condition that can impact speech, understanding, reading, and writing. For Bruce Willis, it has created challenges in communicating with almost everyone.

However, he hasn’t given up and has shown great bravery by participating in various projects.

Disproving the False Claim

His devoted fans became worried when the rumour about Bruce Willis’s health started spreading rapidly.

Some fans speculated that there might be a connection between aphasia and heart attacks, as 20% of people with aphasia experience a heart attack at some point.

bruce willis heart attack

This led people to believe that his reported death was due to a heart attack, and the false news quickly gained popularity. However, reputable fact-checkers took the matter seriously and thoroughly investigated it, concluding it was a hoax.

To the relief of his fans, Willis’s family members later confirmed the truth about his well-being.

They were happy to learn that their favourite movie star, known for his roles in films like Die Hard and Pulp Fiction, is still fulfilling and actively involved in new projects.

Additionally, they discovered that Willis recently became a grandfather and enjoyed a vacation at Disneyland with his family.

The viral claim about Bruce Willis having a heart attack and passing away is entirely baseless and has been proven false by trustworthy fact-checking sources.

It’s crucial to carefully evaluate such reports and ensure they originate from reliable sources.


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What is the cause of Bruce Willis’s aphasia?

A stroke most commonly causes aphasia but can also occur due to head injuries or brain tumours. Another type of aphasia can develop when brain tissue deteriorates with age. However, his family has not revealed the specific cause of Bruce Willis’s aphasia.

What is the current health condition of Bruce Willis?

In February of the previous year, the Hollywood community and fans were saddened by the news that actor Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD).