DD Osama Phone Number: 6 Ways to Contact Him

dd osama phone number

DD Osama Phone Number

The contact number +1(585)515-3915 was associated with DD Osama in the past. Please refer to the table below for DD Osama’s most recent and comprehensive collection of contact numbers.

DD Osama is an emerging talent creating a buzz in the hip-hop music world. His musical journey began in 2021, and he introduced his songs to the public in 2022. Despite being relatively new to the music scene, DD Osama has rapidly gathered a devoted fanbase who admire his unique style and approach. His music is gaining popularity on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify, where he amasses around 1.7 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone.

Its catchy rhythms and lyrics that delve into his personal experiences and challenges set his music apart. His significant presence on social media is also noteworthy – he boasts more than 1 million followers on Instagram and has garnered over 660,000 YouTube subscribers. This allows him to engage with his fans and expand his music’s reach to a broader audience.

Having already graced important venues like Hartford’s Webster Theater, DD Osama is likely to attract attention from major music labels and industry insiders. With his continuous musical output and growing audience, DD Osama is poised to become one of his generation’s most renowned and influential rap artists.

Old DD Osama Phone Number +1(585)515-3915

New DD Osama Phone Number +1(585)425-XXXX

2nd DD Osama Phone Number +1(585)314-XXXX

DD Osama WhatsApp Number

DD Osama WhatsApp Number +1(585)425-XXXX

DD Osama House Address

DD Osama House Address Harlem, New York City

DD Osama Email Id

DD Osama Email Id Not Available

DD Osama Website

Website  nottiworld.com

DD Osama Social Contacts

Instagram Id @ddosama

Current Instagram followers  1 Million 

Facebook page @darionr

Current Facebook followers  2K 

YouTube Channel DD Osama

Present YouTube Subscribers 660K 

Twitch Account Osama

Current Twitch followers 18K


What Is DD Osama’s actual age?

Born on November 29, 2006, in the vibrant city of Harlem, New York, the American rapper DD Osama is about making waves. Growing up in a big family, his parents went their separate ways during his childhood, leading him to leave his father’s home. And guess what? As of 2023, DD Osama is only 16 years old! But here’s the kicker – he’s already become an enormous star, gathering a massive crowd of followers on social media.

How tall is DD Osama?

Rapper Osama has a height of 161 cm, equivalent to about 1.61 meters, or roughly 5 feet 3 inches. He’s got a solid build and is just the right height – not too tall or short.

What’s DD Osama’s real name?

Back in the day, before he set off on his singing adventure, he used to go by the name David Reyes. But he changed things when he became famous and started going by DD Osama. These days, it’s all about DD Osama – he’s a fantastic rapper with people loving his music.

When Is Dd Osama Birthday?

November 29 2006 

Is DD Osama Dead?

No, he’s not gone. His brother, Notti Osama, tragically died in a stabbing incident due to a disagreement in July 2022. But don’t worry, DD Osama, the rapper, is alive and doing well. He’s enjoying life with his family, all smiles and happiness.

Where Is DD Osama From?

Osama hails from Harlem, New York, USA – his hometown. He grew up there too. He’s living in the same city in America with his family.