Best Minecraft Building Styles for 2023


Minecraft Building Styles – Minecraft is an endless source of building inspiration. The styles are as diverse and wide-ranging as they come, with each new map providing its unique challenges for architects looking to design structures that will stand out among the terrain or be easily hidden amongst it, depending on your home’s interior decor looks.

I’ve put together six different examples below:

Medieval Minecraft Building Styles


Minecraft’s medieval-style buildings are one of the most common styles in-game because they use basic blocks like stone, logs, or planks. Even villages and mansions naturally generated by Minecraft base their designs on this popular architectural mode.

The medieval architecture in Minecraft is a great way to create buildings with an authentic look. You can use stone walls and wooden frames or roofs for your creations, but you might want something more unique if it’s going on top, so that that terracotta patterns would be perfect instead.

Some examples include castles, townships, libraries, markets, statues, inns, clock towers, fountains, churches–the list goes on forever, depending on what type of scene/setting needs developing within the game itself.

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Modern Minecraft House Design

Modern Minecraft Building Styles

Many real-life buildings and styles have inspired Minecraft architecture. One popular style is modern, which uses unique shapes like squares or capsules to make an interesting building shape with glass windows that resemble those on skyscrapers (or other tall structures).

You can also find blocks such as woodland terracotta here; they’re used for texture purposes rather than practicality because these materials offer little protection against monsters trying to attack you from behind.

Another type often seen, however, is more ornamental – quartz stones seem perfectly at home amongst their white counterparts while looking anything except boring.

When designing a new building, think about the styles of modern homes you have seen in your everyday life. Skyscrapers with penthouse suites and suburban developments are examples that would also fall under this category.

For some cool ideas on how to make an interior design look more innovative, check out Minecraft House Design – they’re even available for purchase now.

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Asian Minecraft Building Design


The Asian style of building is less common in Minecraft. When I think about this type, the first thing that comes to mind is cherry blossom trees and pagodas with their beautiful pink leaves. Some players have used these buildings correctly by using angles correctly or creating unique designs for an even more impressive look.

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Middle Eastern Minecraft Building Styles


What is the Middle Eastern Minecraft building style like? This architectural tradition defines a city in a desert made of sandstone, terracotta, or concrete.

Note other features such as colored domes and pillars seen above with boxy residential buildings that stand on small areas full of trees ( vegetation )and water sources; these provide relief from harsh weather conditions.

If you’re creating an adventure map for your Run escape games, consider how Al Kharid would appear when built within its natural environment – note carefully.

Viking Minecraft Building Design

Viking Minecraft Building Styles

With its emphasis on wood, the Viking building style is reminiscent of a longboat with panoramic roofs. Curves also can be important, as you might imagine from such an iconic form of transport like this boat–and it’s not hard to gather supplies for one in any case.

This type may prove challenging; make sure your fire spreads safely before starting up those fires (or risk burning down everything). If only there were some kind soul who knew how these things worked. Minecraft Guides has an excellent article about all things Viking-related.

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Frozen Minecraft Building Styles


What’s your favorite Minecraft building style? I like mixing it up with this one focusing more on ice and snow. Keep in mind you only need a cold biome. Otherwise, the build will melt.

But don’t worry about torches or fires melting all those magnificent blocks of frozen water—you can use packed ice, which won’t react when placed next door by your or another player’s creations.

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