14 Simple Tricks to Keep Ducks Away From Your Pool

Simple Tips for Keeping Ducks Away From Your Pool
Simple Tips for Keeping Ducks Away From Your Pool

How to Get Rid of Ducks Around Your Pool

Do you have ducks or geese hanging around your swimming pool? They might be pretty to look at, but they can make trouble if they leave droppings in the pool or make too much noise. Also, if you see a couple of birds swimming together, they might be getting ready to make babies in your backyard.

If you don’t want them to stay in your swimming pool or yard, you can try to scare them away. Check These ideas that you can do to make sure they don’t land in your pool or stay in your yard.

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How to Keep Ducks Out of Your Pool

Here are some things you can try to do to make sure ducks don’t swim in your pool:

1. Putting Animal Pool Toys Can Help

Ducks don’t like to swim in places where there might be animals that can hurt them. You can put some inflatable toys in your pool, like alligators, whales, snakes, or dolphins, when you’re not using them to make the ducks think it’s unsafe. But, sometimes, they will figure out that the toys are not real, and they will come back.

2. Use a Solar Cover

Solar covers are special covers you put on your pool to keep the water from evaporating and making the water warmer. They come in different shapes and sizes, so you can pick one that fits your pool best.

Make sure you get one the right size, so that baby ducks don’t accidentally get trapped in the pool.

Putting a solar cover on your pool can help keep it warmer, stop leaves and other things from falling in, and stop wild ducks from swimming and pooping in the water.

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3. Get a Dog

If the inflatable toys don’t work, you can use a real animal to scare the ducks away. Petting a dog can help because ducks are afraid of them; dogs are predators of ducks.

Seeing and hearing the dog will make the ducks fly away from your pool. It is a way to solve the problem after it happens, but it still works.

Keep in mind not all dogs like to bark & chase ducks, and not all ducks get scared easily by dogs, so you might have to teach the dog to chase the ducks away.

It’s probably not a good idea to get a cat. Cats can be very quiet, and they might kill the ducks instead of scaring them away. Dogs make noise and scare the ducks away without hurting them.

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4. Installing an Automatic Pool Cleaner

Automatic Pool Cleaners Can Keep The Ducks Away From Your Pool
Installing Automatic pool cleaners can help keep your pool clean and help to keep the ducks away.

You can use a machine if your dog doesn’t want to chase the ducks. Just like a dog, it will make noise and scare the ducks away.

Ducks get scared easily, so if you use an automatic cleaner for your pool, it will stop them from getting in the pool. The sound of the cleaner will make them fly away.

5. Using a Fishing Line

You can try using a fishing line to make a “roof” over your pool. Crisscrossing the fishing line over the pool creates a barrier that ducks can’t see but will feel when they fly over it.

Once they get entangled into the lines, they will be scared of it and won’t repeat getting into the pool. It’s like an invisible barrier to keep them away.

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6. Use the Chemicals

Sometimes people use special chemicals to keep ducks away from their pool. One of these is called Duck Off, it’s safe, and it works. It makes the water feel different from the ducks, so they don’t want to swim in it.

But you should only use this as a last option if you do not want to fill extra chemicals in your pool.

7. Try a Motion Sensor Sprinkler

You can try using special sprinklers that spray water when they sense something moving. This can be a good way to scare birds because the sudden water spray will surprise them.

8. Try Bird Nets

Bird nets on pool can keep the ducks away from pool
Installing bird nets on pool can keep the ducks away from pool

It’s similar to the fishing line idea. You can cover your pool like a roof with a net; it will stop the ducks from getting in the pool and also keep leaves from falling in.

This is a good idea if you have a big tree nearby your pool. These nets are relatively inexpensive, and you can find them at stores selling things for gardens or fixing things at home.

9. Plant Long Shrubs and Don’t Plant Fruit Plants

Ducks don’t like to go to places where there are tall plants because they can’t see if there are animals that might hurt them. Instead of putting short flowers around your pool, you can put tall bushes. Also, try not to plant fruits or nuts because ducks will eat them.

10. Get Some Scary Eye Balloons

You can use balloons with big eyes and float on the water. Ducks usually don’t like these because they look like the eyes of animals that might be dangerous to them. This might work and also make your pool look nice.

11. Get Rid of Things That Attract the Birds

If you want birds to come to your backyard, you can put out bird feeders and flowers. But, sometimes, this will make birds want to stay in your backyard. If you feed the ducks with a bird feeder, they will want to come back to your backyard again and again.

12. Try an Ultrasonic Pet Repellent

If you have other animals that you want to scare away from your pool, you can buy a machine that makes a sound that only animals can hear. It’s not loud enough for people to hear, but it isn’t very pleasant for birds.

The sound is safe for animals and surprises them, so they don’t want to stay.

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13. Maintain Your Pool

If you do not keep your pool clean and debris-free, ducks may want to stay. Ducks like to swim in dirty water that looks and smells like a pond. You should make sure your pool is always clean, has enough chlorine, and keep the area around the pool clean too.

14. Use a Couple of Plastic Owls

You can use fake plastic owls to scare ducks away from your pool. Owls are natural predators of ducks, so seeing a fake owl might make them fly away. To make this work better, you can get decoys that make owl sounds and move their heads around.

Why Do Ducks Like Pools?

Ducks like to fly north during the warm months and are looking for a place to make their nest. Pools are a great place because they have enough water and seem safe from animals that might want to hurt them.

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Why Should You Need to Keep The Ducks Out

  • When wild animals like birds come near your pool, it increases the chance of getting sick from germs and diseases like Crypto, Salmonella, and E.coli. But most germs die quickly when they touch chlorine; that’s why it’s important to keep your pool clean and have the right amount of chlorine in the water.
  • Some things in the water, called nitrates and phosphates, can dirty your pool. Ducks and birds can make it even dirtier.
  • If these animals decide to stay in your backyard, it will be difficult to make them go away.

Is The Pool Water Safe for Ducks?

  • If kids drink too much chlorine water, it can hurt their kidneys and make them not work correctly.
  • Ducklings are not very good swimmers when they are born, and they can get too wet and drown in a pool. It’s important to help them get out of the pool safely.
  • If you see ducks in a pool, you can try to scare them away or give them a way to climb out. Once the baby ducks grow up, you can guide them to a nearby pond or lake.


There is a law called the Migratory Bird Treaty Act 1918 that says you can’t hurt or kill birds when they are migrating, and you can’t take or mess with their nests or eggs. It’s important to be kind to the birds and their homes during their journey.

The Best Thing To Do is To Scare The Ducks Away

If ducks come to swim in your pool, you can chase them away. They want to have a place to swim, eat and make babies. There is no need to hurt or kill them because they are swimming and leaving droppings in your pool. It’s better to be kind and let them have a safe place to live.

It’s always better to stop ducks from coming to your pool before they do. If you know of any other ways to keep ducks away from your pool, you can tell me in the comments.

This article is correct and true to the best of my knowledge. It’s only for fun or to give you information and should not be used instead of advice from a grown-up who knows about business, money, law, or technology.


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